LxLeaders specialises in leadership training, coaching and consultancy, centred on a pragmatic approach that has real impact – both at the human and organisational level.

The LxLeaders Services

Leadership development: Our evidence-based Core Programme for Leaders introduces a practical application of mindfulness and other proven techniques, and is designed to enhance core leadership capabilities by increasing your leadership presence, clarity, compassion and emotional intelligence.

I would suggest that all Hofs and Dofs [Head /Director of Function] consider investing in this. Key benefits are clarity of thought, building of productive relationships, gaining different perspectives”

Coaching: We offer executive coaching and mentoring programmes to support leaders & teams identify and achieve their goals, excel in their roles while maintaining their wellbeing in high pressure environments. 

Consultancy: With two decades of experience of designing and leading workshops and events, we provide bespoke services ranging from keynote presentations to working closely with leaders and teams to deliver ways of working that enhance organisations’ performance, wellbeing and alignment with their core values.  

Mindful Awareness: the leadership skills catalyst

Several of the services  and programmes we offer take a new approach by incorporating mindfulness as a foundational tool.  Rather than traditional leadership training which approaches a skill on the surface level (often called ‘horizontal’ training, mindfulness works at a deeper level (often called ‘vertical’ training), simultaneously improving multiple skill sets, whilst improving wellbeing and overall functioning.


Stay present to what matters by training your ability to choose how and where you focus.

“Very helpful to be able to recognise thoughts for what they are and that they can be effectively put to one side to concentrate on the job in hand”

Make Decisions

Make better decisions by developing awareness of thoughts and biases, and by exercising choice 

Focusing upon specific behaviours that I want to display in defined situations has begun to help me to make considered decisions under pressure.”


Improve awareness of self and others in order to listen more effectively, be more inclusive, connect and gain trust. 

My team commented that I seem different in my approach. Having a different mindset and being kinder”

Meet Challenges

Train your ability to behave skilfully in challenging situations, responding not reacting.

“Techniques for being with challenge have helped me to feel I am contributing more effectively in high profile Committee meetings”

Testimonials are from participants who have taken part in the LxLeaders Core Programme for Leaders. Following a initial programme commissioned by Leeds Building Society, 100% of those senior leader participants felt the programme impacted their leadership and it was a valuable use of their time. Based on the evidence and excellent outcomes of that initial programme, LBS ordered subsequent 3 programmes so that more leaders could benefit from this programme.

Developed and delivered by leaders

As senior leaders we understand the skills your leaders need and the challenges they face. We know the importance of training that is engaging, down-to-earth and immediately applicable to the real-world challenges leaders face.

We’ve seen the transformation mindfulness, coaching and our tools can bring to leaders, teams and organisations and we’re passionate about creating this change at the highest levels of organisations for the most impact. 

For organisations with vision

Multiplying the individual effects of mindfulness across whole teams and leadership structures can shift the entire organisational culture, resulting in better business and happier humans at every level.

Go beyond our core training programme to bring executive coaching, consultancy, seminars, speakers and away-days to your organisation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.